About the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School


So what exactly is the SVCS?

It’s a comprehensive video based training program that teaches simple healthy cooking.

It includes:

1. OVER 23 ONLINE COOKING CLASSES where I’ll show you…
My revolutionary 2-Minute Meal Planning method to help you plan and cook healthy food fast.
How to make healthy meals you love in 15 minutes or less.
The easiest way to ‘reclaim your waistline‘ even if you love food and hate exercise.
How to master the art of becoming a ‘weekend cook’ and prepare for the busy week ahead.
Plus! Master any or all of the following: healthy lunches, stress-free entertaining, soups, 5-minute salads, slow cooking, curries, healthy Thai cooking, easy bread making and more!

2. A WEEKLY EMAIL SERIES focusing on skills and techniques such as:
Substituting ingredients
Combining flavours
One pot cooking
Stir frying
Basics like knife skills.
And many more…

Most use 5 Ingredients and can be made in minutes. Each recipe includes variations for dietary requirements or missing ingredients. And a problem solving guide to help you avoid common mistakes.

4. A FREE-eBOOK TO DOWNLOAD AND KEEP FOR EACH CLASS for 12 month and 5 year members.

REMEMBER the SVCS is soo much more than just a bunch of recipes. It also gives you easy-to-follow tools to master the skills and techniques you need to make your cooking more simple and effective.


Easy, just head back to the bonuses page and follow the instructions for buying 10 or 50 books.


To access the SVCS directly, click here and add your name to the waiting list and be the first notified when doors open to the SVCS.