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Is one of your biggest cooking challenges being tired at the end of a long day. And hungry. And having to turn around and get something on the table that is not only healthy, but tastes good too?

Well you’re definitely not alone!

‘5 Ingredients 10 minutes’ is designed to come to the rescue when the ‘What’s for dinner?’ question crosses your mind.

It’s about fresh, healthy delicious food that also happens to be fast. Every recipe comes with variations to suit your dietary requirements like being vegetarian or gluten-free OR if you happen to be missing an ingredient.

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About 5 Ingredients…

While I was writing the book, I constantly challenged myself to come up with the most delicious meals possible while sticking to my 5-ingredient limit. I can’t tell you how many times the end results surprised me with how good they tasted. So please don’t let the simplicity fool you.

About 10 minutes…

I put out a challenge on my blog to see whether 10-minute recipes are realistic for home cooks like you. Most people were able to keep within the time limit. But of course there were a few who took a little longer. So I’ve included ‘time tricks’ to help you get speedy results without stressing yourself out.

About the Author…

me colour squareI’m Jules Clancy. I love food especially veggies. I have a degree in Food Science and am the creator of the simple food blog, Stonesoup. The thing that really gets me excited is helping people like YOU make fresh, healthy, delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

I hope you decide to pickup a copy of ‘5 Ingredients 10 minutes’ so it can help you cook quickly at the end of a long day. Click the ‘ORDER’ tab above to get started…

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