5 Ingredients 10 Minutes Cooking Classes

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What exactly are the 5 Ingredients 10 Minutes Online Cooking Classes?

It’s an online collection of video recipes and tips and tricks to compliment the 5 Ingredients 10 Minutes print book.

It’s designed to help you…

Feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.
Master the simple but effective time tricks to help you cook quickly, especially when you’re tired and hungry.
Get the most out of your copy of ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes’.

It includes skills and techniques such as:

The 2-step healthy dinner quick start program.
How to master the art of substituting ingredients.
3 keys to minimizing cleanup time.
How to get excited about cooking (again).
23 time ‘tricks’ to help you save time. Focusing on planning, preparing and techniques.
Plus! Over 100 minutes of video versions of recipes from the book.

AND the ‘Insiders Guide’ to ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes’

One of the limitations of print books is that you can only organize the recipes in one way. For 5 Ingredients 10 Minutes I’ve focused on oragnising by ‘recipe type’ such as soups, salads etc.

The bonus ‘insiders guide’ includes printable alternate recipe lists to help you browse the recipes in a completely new way. Such as:
One Pot Wonders
Healthy Breakfasts
Luscious Lunches
Pantry Recipes
Cook in Advance
Winter Warmers
Summer Specials


The only way to access the ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes’ online cooking classes is to purchase 3 or more copies of my book. To get in, just head back to the bonuses page and follow the instructions for buying 3, 10 or 50 books.